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Study Questions for Final

Short Answer Essay

1.  Identify five strategies for reducing communication apprehension.

2.  Explain extemporaneous delivery?

3.  Name five resources, which can be helpful in gathering ideas for a speech.

4.  Identify five reference sources for a speech.

5.  Identify the elements of vocal delivery.

6.  Identify five strategies for the introduction and conclusion.

7.  Outline the following conclusion:

The fast growing technology has posed many serious questions.  Autonomous robots are no different.  The next step in their transformation is the ability to learn morality.  Given the difficulty of the task, society needs to focus on making progress in machine ethics.

8.  Choose a topic and then write a specific purpose and a thesis.

9.  Explain the difference between informative and persuasive speeches.

10.   Outline the following introduction:

Hi everyone!  By the show of hands, how many of you can admit that you tend to lie through situations?  What many of us do not realize are the consequences that come with lying.  Even the smallest lies, like a white lie, will eventually come back to haunt us.  Today, I would like to discuss the consequences of lying.   This includes losing trust, having broken promises and having these aspects lead to rumors.

11.  Explain two guidelines for considering a topic.

12.  Explain how to effectively cite a newspaper/magazine source in your presentation and provide an example.

13. Explain how to effectively cite an internet source in your presentation and provide an example.

14.  Outline the second main point (body outline):

Gratuity also affects the consumer.  Waiters are more selective of the party they are going to take of due to their race.  According to the Slate “African-Americans, on average, tip 3 percentage point less than white customers.  The tipping gap between Hispanics and whites is smaller, but still discernible in studies”.  There are many countries that do not tip and are stunned when they are asked to tip in the United States.  Customer service is affected for the consumer.  Because gratuity is now expected the consumer is no longer guaranteed, there is no longer an incentive to provide good customer service.

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