Client System Role Play Video

Project: Client System Role Play Video

Now that you have completed your role play script, it is time to record your role play. Practicing your social work skills through role plays is an essential part of a social work education. Role plays assist you in identifying the areas where you are strong, as well as the areas where you might need improvement. They also allow you to develop the social work instincts necessary to effectively work with clients.

Role Play Video (3–5 minutes):

Your video role play, which should be based on the script you created in Week 5, should include:

  • A demonstration of the interaction between you as the social worker and the client system you selected that reflects the appropriate step of the GIM and social work practice behaviors, based on the presenting concerns of that client system.
  • A depiction of at least two techniques you selected for implementing the appropriate practice skills for working with your client system.
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