Chapter Reflection & Application

Study the textbook “Personal Finance” by Vickie Bajtelsmit for each chapters and any of the supplemental materials. When you have reflected on the completed chapter, write a short minimum 400 words essay for each chapter. Describing your thoughts and how this material applies to your life now or how it might apply in the future. Think about what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, and how it could apply to your life.  What from the topic do you want to be sure to remember in the future?  Are there any personal goals that you’ve identified?  Are there any habits you need to change? Is there anything about your financial life you need to change? 

Chapter 1. The Financial Planning Process

Chapter 2. Financial Planning Tools, Personal Financial Statements, and the Time Value of Money

Chapter 3. Budgeting and Cash Management

Chapter 4. Tax Planning

Chapter 5. Managing Credit Cards and Consumer Loans

Chapter 6. Making Automobile and Housing Decisions

Chapter 7. Insuring Cars and Homes

Chapter 8. Life Insurance and Long Term Care Planning

Chapter 9. Employee Benefits, Health, Disability, and Retirement

Chapter 10. Saving for Distant Goals – Retirement and Education Funding

Chapter 11. The Fundamentals of Investing

Chapter 12. Investing in Stocks and Bonds

Chapter 13. Investing in Mutual Funds and Real Estate

Chapter 14. Estate Planning

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