After completing all the modules (that is, after doing the course readings and engaging in discussion forums), I want you to address the following questions in your last report:

What did you learn in these modules (not a list of facts, but what can you take away from the lesson or what has value to you)?

How do you connect what you learned in this course with your personal experience or with what you already know?

How would/could you apply this new knowledge to issues that are close to your heart?

I am interested in your ability to make connections between readings or the ability to synthesize and then apply this knowledge in a manner that makes connection with the real world.

Criteria: Your journal entry should be a minimum of 800 words.I am concerned with the amount of thought and logic put into your report as well as the explicit connections (i.e. correct direct citation and paraphrasing of course materials) you make with course materials. Making explicit connections means citing course materials that support or elaborate your argument. If there are other things that you have read that are relevant, mention them. Your journal is your opinion; however, as always, your opinion needs to be backed up with credible support.

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