Business Communications week 3

Weeks 2 – 10

Write a thoroughly researched paper regarding the assigned topics for each week of study for the week of class (minimum of 400 words). Use at least three (3) additional outside source to explain or expand our understanding of the subject matter beyond the information provided in the textbook. Paper should be properly formatted according to APA guidelines and include a reference page (The cover page, abstract, and reference page does not count toward word count). Be sure to use proper in-text citations for all content. Students will need to submit a written assignment no later than Tuesday evening before class via submission to BrightSpace. On the day of class, students shall be prepared to informally discuss their papers. In the event a student is absent, the student will share his/her paper at the next class.

Complete the following activities on page 152:

4.1 – Audience benefits and the “You” view

4.2 – Conversational but professional

4.3 – Positive and courteous expression

4.4 – Bias-free language

4.5 – Plain language and familiar words

4.6 – Precise, vigorous words

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