BMGT103 Business Plan Project


P​‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍​ropose business plan: ROME’S RESORTS

This project involves two parts; a written business plan (80 points), and a financial model plan (20 points).

I attached the project requirements and the financial model down below. to my prepared writer, please email me if you have any clarifications/questions for this project.

I uploaded the excel sheet given for this project.

Anyway, this proposed business plan is a Beach resort, it is 20 mins away from the airport.

The aim of this resort is to cater to the locals, as well as visitors and the tourists, giving them the ultimate place to relax and have fun.

Services that this resort can offer are; room rentals, sales for drinks/foods, ​‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍​and so as the rental facility for private/corporate events.

This is a sole proprietorship business, responsibilities such as the decisions that will affect the overall direction of the company goes to the owner of the resort, responsibilities of ensuring all the departments are effectively coordinated, as well as to meet and negotiates with the client and the corp.

There is a Facility manager also in charge of ensuring the beach resort is up to standard, responsible for the smooth administrative function of the org. The inventory manager in charge of all the stocks(foods/drinks/cleaning supplies). receptionists – in charge responsible for answering questions physically/via phones​‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍​.

  1. Provide a cover page with the name of the proposed business and person(s) submitting the businessplan.
  2. The plan must follow the outline below and use the section headingsprovided.
  3. All materials must be prepared in at least 11-pointfont.
  4. All materials must be checked for spelling and grammaticalerrors.
  5. The Business Plan and Attachments must be submitted via the Blackboard assignment for the Business Plan Project. The file name must include the name of the student (or students) and BMGT103 business plan – example – johndavisbmgt103business plan.
  6. The written plan must be submitted on or before the due date listed in the course syllabus.
  7. Students may submit this project individually, or they may form a two person team to do this project. If they are forming a team, they must notify the course instructor via email at least two weeks before the due date.  Team members are jointly responsible for the project, and if one member fails in their responsibilities, that does not relieve the other member of responsibility for the entire project.
  8. The written business plan is worth a maximum of 80 points – see the scoring rubric for details.
  9. The financial model spreadsheet is worth a maximum of 20 points – see the scoring rubric sheet for details.
  10. IF you use bullet points in an area of the plan, they must be complete sentences.



WRITTEN BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE AND FORMAT – Make sure to use the section headingsbelow:




  1. Include: Business Name and Owner’sName.


SECTION 1 – ExecutiveSummary


  1. Provide a brief description of the proposed business that includes basic financial and marketing highlights. Note – It is best to do this section last since it will briefly summarize your business plan.
  2. Provide the business mission
  3. Describe three goals of the company for the firstyear.


SECTION 2 – Business Description


  1. Describe the type of ownership you have chosen – sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc. Support this choice with three reasons why you have chosen this type ofownership.
  2. Describe internal strengths and internal weaknesses, and external opportunities and external threats (SWOT Analysis). Provide at least two examples for each of the four areas for a minimum eight examples.


SECTION 3 –Management/Organization/Operations


  1. Identify the key managers of the business by title and function. Provide three responsibilities for each keymanager.e. Clyde is the baker. He bakes daily, maintains inventory and is the safety and hygiene office.
  2. Prepare a simple organization chart for the business including the CEO and executivestaff.


SECTION 4 – FinancialPlan


1.       Complete the Excel worksheetprovided.(NOTE: there are 2 tabs at the bottom of this spreadsheet: Financials and Sales data.  Click on each one, because you need to complete BOTH OF THESE.)

  1. The spreadsheet program will calculate the breakeven point in sales, and the level of sales needed to generate your desiredprofit.
  2. In order to estimate your expenses, you will need to review the spreadsheet and come up with some estimates. Typical items you will need to researchinclude:
    1. How much space do you need (how many square feet)? What does it cost to rent such space per squarefoot?
    2. Estimate advertising expenses based on your marketing plan. You may have to call up local companies to find out what thingscost.
  • Salaries – how many employees will you have, what different jobs will they do, how many hours per week are you open, and what is your average hourly rate of payfor each type ofjob?
  1. How much and what equipment will you need to start thebusiness?
  1. Assume that you will not pay yourself a salary – rather you will treat the business profit as your salary and include that in your profitcalculation.



SECTION 5 – Start up Funding Required (The amount of money you need to have your business open on day one)


Give a summary (in paragraph format) of the major funding required to start the business.

  1. Major fixed asset to include equipment, computers, vehicles
  2. Initial inventory to include good for resale (i.e. initial stock of food if you have a restaurant)
  3. Other working capital needs to include cash, rent deposit, insurance pre payments, rent


SECTION 6 – MarketingPlan


  1. Identify the target market for your business by geographic (location) and demographic (age, sex, etc.).
  2. Identify the competition in your market area. How many similar or related businesses are there? Who are they? Where are they located in relation to your proposed business? How did you find thisout?
  3. Give three specific competitive advantages that give your productan edge over yourcompetition?
  4. How will you price your product or service andwhy?i.e. are you going to be priced below competition or a premium product at a premium price, do you just want to compete on equal ground?
  5. Describe the place/location/distribution strategy for your product or service. How will you get it to your customers (single location, web sales, mail order etc.)?
  6. Describe two promotional techniques (be specific) you will use to promote your business. Why did you chose them? What free methods can you use to promote yourbusiness?
  7. Write a one paragraph oral presentation you *could* give to convince someone to buy your product or service.




  1. List all sources of information, including websites.
  2. Attach any relevant supporting information that is not included in yourplan.
  3. The written plan will be evaluated for writing style, spelling, and grammar.
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