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  1. What are the societal and/or environmental factors that have contributed to you personally being a smoker or a non-smoker?
  2. According to the Center for Disease Control, the use of tobacco in the United States has steadily declined since the 1960s from 42% of adults identifying as smokers to under 20% now. Do some research and identify at least two significant social and/or environmental factors that have contributed to this decline. Be sure to explain how the factors you identify contributed to the declining statistic.
  • Note: provide a link to ALL articles used in your research
  • 3. Review some of the tobacco product advertising themes from the Stanford University Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising. After reviewing some of the advertisements, what observations you can make about how tobacco companies try to appeal to Americans.
  • Note: Provide a link to at least one advertisement that supports your observations.
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