After reading the selection of poems ( below), choose one poem to analyze and answer the following questions.

  • Sharon Olds “ The Language of Brag” p. 324
  • Billy Collins “Snow Day” pp. 41- 42
  • Elizabeth Bishop “One Art” and  “First Draft of One Art” pp. 211- 213
  • Kaylin Haught “God Says yes to Me”  p. 130
  • Barbara Hamby “Ode to American English” p. 86
  • Li-Young Lee “The Hammock” p. 189
  • Sylvia Plath “Stillborn” p. 319
  • Tony Hoagland “There Is No Word” p. 320
  • Pdidy tribute to Biggie Small (YouTube)


  • What is the poem about?   In your own words, summarize the poem.
  • What is the theme (the central idea) of this poem? State it in a single sentence.
  • What images does the poet use? Share one or two images and tell why they are effective (or not).
  • What figures of speech are used (metaphor, simile, figurative language)?  Cite at least one figure of speech and identify it.
  • Is the poem successful? Why?
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