analyze the music video

I want  1000-1200 words MLA style I want you to analyze a specific music video and go behind the meaning of it and no plagiarism and i need to answer few questions as well 


What do you think it means?

How does the historical context of the video add meaning? How do we know the video was influenced by that event?

What connections can you make to other works, ideas, or philosophies? Are there any fundamental differences or deviations?

What influences of popular culture do you see in the video?

What types of aesthetics are implemented? Why?

What does ____ represent in the music video?

What kind of message does the video send regarding ______? Does it matter?

What attitudes regarding race/ethnicity does the video express?

How does the creator produce a feeling of _____ throughout the video? Why did they do that?

Why did the producers cast those particular actors?

Does this have cultural value? Why or why not?

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