ACC 665 Grand Canyon Week 8 Assignment 1

ACC 665 Grand Canyon Week 8 Assignment 1

CLC Case Study Report D

The tax partner-in-charge provides additional information regarding Taxpayer Dave and his family-owned businesses. A grandchild has now entered the business after completion of his college studies. He recently married a citizen of another country.

Dave needs advice as to how this new family layer will affect the tax situation of the family-owned and -operated businesses. He also wants to know if there are any tax issues related to relocating some of his business efforts to another country, operating in multiple countries, or operating a business independently in another country. The tax partner-in-charge believes that Dave plans to turn over some of the business operations to his grandchild, who has expressed a desire to live in another country.

The staff team (CLC team) is now assigned the task of developing a recommendation summary of these issues and what is the best organizational structure for Dave and his family.

Please refer to the assignment grading rubric at the assignment’s drop box for information regarding how the assignment will be graded. The CLC team is to prepare a final four- to five-page (double-spaced) report with the required information to be submitted by the end of Module 8.


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