A Jury of Her Peers/ Study Guide

At the beginning of the story, Martha Hale is reluctant to leave her kitchen. Why?

The kitchen was in no shape of leaving since her bread was ready for mixing and the flour was half-sifted and half- unsifted. Mrs. Hale hated leaving things done in the kitchen.

Who is Mrs. Gorman? Mrs. Peters? Describe the differences between these two women.

Mrs. Gorman was the sheriff’s wife before Peter became the sheriff. Mrs. Gorman had a voice that seemed to know law. Mrs. Peters was small and thin and was the sheriff’s wife and her voice was not strong.

Describe the physical setting of the Wright Farm. What atmosphere does this create?

The Wright farm was in a lonesome-looking place that looked hollow with poplar trees around the area. The farm seems to be in a deserted are that is cold and located in a small town.

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