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 -government services have helped the public promote communication strategies and helpful information and tools to better the citizens’ welfare. Most developed countries use digital government services through creativity and innovation, more e-government services exist. I have used one of the integrated cloud communications on digital services that embrace recycling dustbins and wastages from households and organizations. For instance, Wrexham in Wales, U.K., has a council that works effectively to sustain and ensure that citizens obtain the best quality of delivery. The county has the platform that is most commonly used to collect and recycle waste bins. Integrating integrated e-government services with cloud communication systems has many benefits to the citizens or a community. For example, the digital service in waste collection and bin recycling ensures that the environment remains clean and tidy. The system works so that anytime a client visits the county’s website, the e-government service recognizes the client’s request for the collection dates. The customer then later receives an email notification and reminders so that they prepare for the dates. Today, most citizens have exposure to the digital service leading to less work for the customer care service providers when a few clients would still ask questions due to lack of completeknowledge about the e-service. Considerably, the digital government services have many benefits right from the implementation stages, though the facilitators face challenges when risks aversion replaces the set actions. Cloud-based technologies ensure that the IT department has reduced the burden since citizens and organizations can proactively act and think of innovative strategies to enhance public services in a country. Indeed, e-government services have helped to better the welfare of most citizens in different countries globally. 

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