13 question

Employees can be taught how to be exceptional managers.




Management includes the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively.




Organizations can gain a competitive advantage simply by matching their competition in terms of cutting costs and responsiveness to employees.




Taking care of the customer is not as vital for nonprofit organizations compared to for-profit businesses.




Management is defined as the pursuit of organizational goals ____.

efficiently and effectively

correctly and with synergy


efficiently and in a detailed-oriented manner

with passion and effectiveness


ABC Manufacturing employs some of the top professionals in its field, and because of their skills and experience, ABC is highly efficient and outperforms its competitors. ABC Manufacturing has a ____ over its competition.

quality mark

effectiveness advantage


leadership dimension

competitive advantage


Even for nonprofits, sooner or later there will be no organization without ____.

ethical standards

good laws

the Employee Rule


synergy focus


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted that globalization has leveled the competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging-market countries. This phenomenon proposes that ____.

the world is one

globalism is decreasing

the world is flat

world economies are too narrow

one world government is the answer


The principal functions of management are ___.

executing, planning, organizing, leading

scheduling, organizing, leading, staffing, monitoring

staffing, planning, motivating, delegating

planning, organizing, leading, controlling

staffing, planning, leading, delegating


When the manager of a local restaurant sets goals and then develops a plan on how to achieve them, she is ____.







Managers are classified into the four levels of ____.

upper, regional, middle, lower

upper, middle, floating, lower

top, middle, first-line managers, team leaders

top, middle, first-line, advisors

upper, board of directors, middle, lower


According to management scholar Henry Mintzberg, managers play three roles:

interpersonal, analytical, professional

professional, leader, informational

interdependent, monitor, analytical

interpersonal, informational, decisional

interpersonal, analytical, monitor


Conceptual skills consist of ____.

the ability to think practically

the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work together

the job-specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field

the ability to work well in cooperation with other people to get things done

the ability to think in a logical manner

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